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Liver Bank,Inc.

Liver Bank,Inc.

Liver Bank is a communication company that revolves around live streaming.
We offer Live marketing and PR services that utilizes live broadcast's real-time and interactive features.

Our Services

  • pino live
    pino live

    "pino live" is an live streamer production that aims to provide support for fan community building and to foster fan-streamer relationship that could optimize each streamer's full potential. We are currently providing support to around 450 influencers and talents (as of November 2020), nurturing them from inexperienced to professional streamers. In addition to live streaming, we are also expanding our business to live commerce, broadcast, PR, and D2C.

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  • Live Casting
    Live Casting

    Appoint Live Commerce streaming professionals and conduct casting that is tailored to each purpose.

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Company Overview

Head Office Akasaka Garden City 17th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel (main) 03-5572-7369
Established  December 1, 2020
Capital ¥40,000,000 Capital (incl. capital reserves of ¥20 million)
Business Live Streamer Management Casting School Fan Community
Representative Jun Akiho