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SIGNAL is an interactive PR company providing strategic PR services to a client’s stakeholders, devising messages that resonate through optimal use of existing media, up to and including the internet and mass media.

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Our Services

  • Digital PR
    Digital PR

    This service supports the distribution of information regarding a company's products and services through online media, social media and all other digital domains.

  • Social media consulting and management
    Social media consulting and management

    We provide integrated support that ranges from the management and planning of social media to handling actual posting and monitoring. This includes consultation regarding social media activity based on the characteristics of the brand and the company's worldview.

  • Research PR
    Research PR

    This service helps to publicize the content of research. This includes from research design to preparation of content to be publicized and creation of press release.

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  • Design

    We handle website design as well as advertising design and a variety of other design work.

  • Website production
    Website production

    This service focuses on producing websites that stand out and are likely to gain traction with information organized from a PR perspective.

  • Advertisements

    We provide consulting, planning and management services for advertisements ranging from the real world to digital realms. This service also covers the management of programmatic advertising.

  • Influencer casting
    Influencer casting

    We cast influencers who have a large following on social media and elsewhere and provide consulting on how to effectively utilize influencers.

  • App development
    App development

    We develop apps that make communication with consumers more enjoyable.


Daisuke Kusaba, CEO

Since its establishment in 2005, SIGNAL has provided various services in the fields of PR, marketing and communication for client companies, starting with word-of-mouth marketing and PR-related business. Our business domains cover a wide area, including advertising, website and campaign page production, and event management. Not all of our domains have progressed at the same rate, however, so we have been looking at the best course of action while keeping the best interests of client companies and general consumers in mind. As a result of this pursuit, our business domains have expanded gradually.
The environment surrounding the company and the ideal means of communication have changed with tremendous speed and we have grown alongside this transformation. Further, we believe change will continue to occur at a similar pace going forward.
We aim to create a world in which all information can be conveyed correctly through a more enhanced version of PR. Amid ongoing volatility in the environment, we will remain true to this vision and constantly seek out new ways of communication and propose advanced and optimal marketing strategies for the times at a pace that outstrips the changes in the environment. By doing so, we can continue to maximize profit for our client companies. In addition, we can bring more fulfillment to society, customers and employees by continuing to work happily with people who can make this a reality.

Daisuke Kusaba, CEO

Company Overview

Head Office Kita-Aoyama Building 2F・3F 3-10-14, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
Tel (main) +81-3-6803-8444
Established December 2005
Capital ¥30 million
Shareholder Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business PR business, website marketing, online research
Representative Daisuke Kusaba