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TOTAL Corp. (formerly ELECTION, Corp.)

TOTAL Corp. (formerly ELECTION, Corp.)

We provide comprehensive communication support that includes marketing, corporate communication, branding and crisis communication requiring advanced strategy. Another key feature of TOTAL’s operations is our ability to provide PR solutions in such areas as crisis management (Channel Reputation Optimization), medical care and healthcare, SDGs and ESG, politics and elections, recruitment marketing, and inner branding.

Our Services

  • Marketing Communication
    Marketing Communication

    TOTAL provides various communication services in the marketing domain that lead to enhanced product and service recognition and sales promotion.

  • Corporate Communication
    Corporate Communication

    TOTAL provides and support various communication services that boost corporate value (brand and reputation).

  • Crisis Communication
    Crisis Communication

    TOTAL supports communications during normal times, crises, resolution and all other periods (potential risk monitoring, manual creation, media training and hastily called press conferences, etc.).

Focused industries and themes

  • Medical Care and Healthcare
    Medical Care and Healthcare

    TOTAL contributes to product sales support by raising the awareness of diseases and provision of PR communication services, contributing to product sales support.

  • CRO (Channel Reputation Optimization)
    CRO (Channel Reputation Optimization)

    TOTAL provides services that optimize the online information environment for the sales channels of retail stores, etc. by making use of unique IT technology.

  • SDGs and ESG
    SDGs and ESG

    TOTAL supports communication-related activities to enhance corporate social value in such areas as the SDGs, ESG and sustainability.

  • Politics and Elections
    Politics and Elections

    TOTAL operates and manages communication-related activities that utilize marketing and corporate communication concepts in elections and political domains.
    In addition, TOTAL made full use of the production and operation of HP and various SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.
    We can support all election campaigns, from online election campaigns to posters and other creations.

  • Recruitment Marketing
    Recruitment Marketing

    TOTAL monitors reputation and evaluation on job hunting sites, etc. and supports communications aimed at promoting smoother personnel recruitment.

  • Inner Branding
    Inner Branding

    TOTAL supports communications that help the corporate brand be permeated within the organization and improve employee performance.


The services we provide at TOTAL are intended to convey the appeal of excellent products and services in order to build a solid relationship with society amid an increasingly complex, diverse and difficult information environment. Through comprehensive strategic PR communication we create content based on information that we collect and analyze, and convey and disseminate the content to society through the optimal channel.

TOTAL was originally formed by a team that operated as a business unit inside the Vector Group from 2013 to 2017. In 2018, the company was incorporated as ELECTION, Corp. and dealt with issues such as PR and crisis management, thereby contributing to marketing and branding that needs advanced strategy. In March 2020, the company was renamed TOTAL Corp. to encapsulate a return to our roots and our rebirth as an organization providing even more comprehensive and strategic PR services.

By integrating the knowledge we have built up over the years with the latest solutions, we aim to contribute to the creation of a comprehensive communication environment that resolves issues for client companies and organizations.

Naoto Takahashi, President and CEO
TOTAL Corp. (formerly ELECTION, Corp.)

Company Overview

Head Office Akasaka Garden City 18th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Tel (main) +81-3-6821-6041
Etablished March 22, 2018
Capital ¥10 million
Shareholder Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business PR planning and operation, PR consulting and agency, branding activities, investor relations support, risk management, market research, event planning and operation
Representative Naoto Takahashi