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Chance Encounters with Information that Fulfills Unrecognized Needs

The Vector Group was established in 1993 in the midst of a recession after Japan’s economic bubble burst. Subsequent to this, we have faced a number of other unprecedented challenges, namely the Lehman shock in 2008, the economic slowdown following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and now the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Each time we encounter such major adversity, we have looked to evolve our business and drive growth with all our might.

Current global trends are forcing changes in all facets of our business operations. First, consumer values are changing. People are now placing greater emphasis on ethically minded information transmission in corporate communications, grounded in values surrounding sustainability and sharing. As such, we will continue to take on challenges in new business fields as a means to provide all-encompassing support to the communications required by our client companies in this day and age. We will also maintain our commitment to developing services that aptly capture the trends of society, leveraging off the foundations of our core PR Business.

Second, the information distribution environment is changing. Going forward, it will no doubt become increasingly difficult to deliver information to a diversifying array of consumers without taking advantage of all available means to reach people; that is, by extending beyond information distribution via smartphone and computer to also include offline channels. Based on a determination to transmit the information of our client companies in the best way possible, we are working hard to strengthen our framework for developing content that matches the new era and to promote ownership of media infrastructure aimed at distributing this content to all kinds of media. We will provide a communications platform that allows customers to easily select that media and deliver their content.

In this way, the Vector Group will never stop evolving and growing no matter what changes occur in the world. The impetus for this evolution can be attributed to a group of people with exceptional business minds and innovative ideas who have been selected from both inside and outside the Company. In addition, the worldview underpinning this evolution is that consumers ought to have more chance encounters with information that fulfills unrecognized needs. To realize this, we will provide the communications infrastructure that enables consumers to have chance encounters with the companies delivering the information that meets their latent needs. We hope to bring as many companies into this infrastructure space as we can so we can help them continue to advance in the new world.

Hajime Hasegawa, Representative Director