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Mar. Vector, Inc. founded, focusing on sales promotion business
June Changed name to Vector, Inc.
Apr. Entered public relations field
May Founded Vector Standard, Inc. (now ANTIL, Inc.) and Vector Communication, Inc. (now Platinum, Inc.)
Dec. Founded WOMCOM Inc. (now SIGNAL Inc.) and KIJINETACOM Inc. (now PR TIMES Inc.)
Jan. Founded Weiku Gong Guanxi Zixun (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
Mar. Established VECKS INC.
June Founded Straight Press Network, Inc. (now Mash Media Inc.)
Mar. Vector, Inc. listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index.
June Founded Vector Group International Limited in Hong Kong
Aug. Founded INITIAL, INC. and Social Scout, Inc. (now Starbank, Inc.)
Jan. Founded PT. Vector in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sept. Made IR Advisor, Inc. (now renamed IR Robotics, Inc.) a subsidiary
Mar. Founded Vector Group Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
Apr. Founded Vitabrid Japan Inc.
May Founded VECTOR GROUP COMPANY LIMITED in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
June Vector Group International Limited opened Taiwan branch in Taipei
Oct. Founded News Technology, Inc.
Nov. Vector Inc. listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
June Founded Video Wire Co., Ltd. (now NewsTV Inc.)
Mar. Founded Big Data Technologies, Inc. (now 100Capital Inc.)
PR TIMES Inc. (securities code: 3922) is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index
Apr. Founded VECTOR GROUP, INC. (now VECTOR, INC.) in Hawaii, USA
Feb. Made PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., PRTech, LLC and PacRim Marketing Group subsidiaries
July Made OPNERS Inc. (now Smartmedia, inc.) a subsidiary
Nov. Made MicroAd Korea Inc. (now Vector Korea Inc.) a subsidiary化
Dec. Made Brand Control Inc. a subsidiary
Feb. Made MICROAD Malaysia SDN. BHD. (now Vector Marketing PR Malaysia SDN. BHD.) a subsidiary
Apr. Founded ELECTION, Corp.
July Made ASHITA-TEAM Co., Ltd. and RAGRU, Inc. subsidiaries
Aug. PR TIMES Inc. changed listing to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Nov. Founded Direct Tech, Inc.
Mar. Founded Event Tech, Inc. and Priv Tech, Inc.
Apr. Founded Colorful Tails, Inc.
Sept. Founded Public Affairs Japan Inc.
Sept. Founded Medical Technologies Inc.
Dec. Founded Liver Bank Inc.
Mar. Founded Performance Technologies, Inc.
Mar. Founded Cyber Security Bank, Inc.