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As a PR firm, VECTOR INC. and its Group companies (the “Vector Group”), provides exceptional media communication services to deal with the issues and goals of our customers. We handle valuable personal information from mass media in the course of our activities. To protect this personal information and handle it appropriately, the Vector Group aims to share awareness of the importance of protecting personal information among all employees and all other parties related to our business activities. In recognizing the dignity of the individual, the Group complies with laws and regulations, national guidelines and other standards regarding personal information protection as well as social order when formulating, implementing and maintaining our personal information protection policy. The Group is committed to protecting personal information by creating a framework for this purpose and boosting awareness of its importance among all employees. The Vector Group has formulated a personal information protection as follows.

Personal information handled by VECTOR INC.

  1. Information that can identify an individual that we received from client, mass media or related parties
  2. Information gained from our operations on applicants and winners of campaigns and presents, etc.
  3. Information gained from other business activities that can identify an individual
  4. Information that can identify an individual such as all company employees

Purpose of use of personal information

  1. Provision of information on a client’s products and services, etc., and management of applicants for presentations, etc.
  2. For lotteries for campaigns and presents, etc. and sending gifts, etc.
  3. Other purposes specified when acquiring the personal information
  4. Appropriate management and operation of a personal information protection management system
  5. For other management and response required when executing business activities

We shall strive to formulate management regulations regarding the appropriate acquisition, use, provision and sharing, etc., of personal information and continuously revise the content of these regulations to enhance our personal information protection.

We shall prevent leak, loss and damage, etc. to the personal information we handle and implement correct, reasonable and appropriate information security measures.

We shall establish a personal information management committee in-house, create an internal framework and make continuous improvements to our personal information management system, and provide all-inclusive education on the matter.

We shall clarify the objective of acquiring personal information and then acquire, use and provide said personal information based on fair and appropriate methods within the limit necessary to achieve this objective. In addition, we shall not handle the personal information in any way that exceeds the limit necessary to achieve the objective we have specified and take steps to ensure this.

We shall sufficiently manage the personal information we have acquired so that people feel comfortable provided it to us.

We shall set up a contact center to accept complaints and for consultation and to respond without delay to a request to confirm, correct or delete, etc. personal information from the individual concerned to a reasonable extent.

Formulated: January 31, 2005  Last updated: January 16, 2020   Keiji Nishie, Representative Director VECTOR INC.

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

VECTOR INC. shall prepare and utilize data gathered from information, etc. that has been publicized in Japan's Periodicals in Print (issued by Media Research Center Inc.).

In addition, we shall appropriately handle personal information that has been provided to us to conduct such operations as PR activities and events.

Please use the designated form when making requests for disclosure, etc. For requests for disclosure and all other inquiries regarding personal information, please see the following contact details.

Operating hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays and New Year holidays)
Tel: +81-3-5572-6080 (for inquiries regarding personal information)