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Formation of an equal society

Working with Shogaisha Koyo Bank to promote the advancement of employment for people with disabilities

Together with our investee company Shogaisha Koyo Bank, we are promoting the advancement of employment for people with disabilities Aim to realize sustainable growth as a group and a society that gives equal opportunity.

Partnership with Shogaisha Koyo Bank

Donation for people with disabilities /
Promoting the advancement of employment

Donee: Shogaisha Koyo Bank

While there are currently 9.65 million people in Japan who have a disability, only 570,000 (approx. 5%) of them were employed as of 2020. Although the mandatory proportion of jobs for people with disabilities was raised to 2.3% in March 2021, and companies with 43 or more employees are required to employ at least one person with a disability, currently around half of those in Japan have failed to achieve this. The Shogaisha Koyo Bank offers services that can be accessed by people with disabilities who are employed by different companies. At the Shogaisha Koyo Bank, permanently stationed expert career coaches provide health checks and offer consulting to assist businesses in developing frameworks for the employment of people with disabilities. Companies that lack these frameworks can begin by employing just one person with disabilities. Going forward, we will contribute to the promotion of employment for people with disabilities with the aim of being a company that can transform the world through taking an inclusive approach to work.