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To Our Shareholders and Investors

VECTOR INC. has a strong desire to make people happy by delivering excellent products, services and solutions to the world. That is our enduring philosophy.

We provide the environment our customers need to disseminate their message in terms of infrastructure-related services.

Although in the past prior to the internet, television, newspaper and other such forms of advertising were the most common marketing methods to gain publicity, the rapid proliferation of the internet has given individuals the power to spread information on their own through such channels as social media. As such, consumers now tend to place more trust in the information that comes from a third party than an advertisement. Against this backdrop, we have been providing public relations (PR) services based on the idea that PR is critical when trying to spread a message.

The evolution of video advertising and advertising technology, alongside the spread of smartphones and social media, has led to changes in methods of marketing and publicity.

In turn, this has resulted in an era of simplified information dissemination in which the desired message can be delivered directly to the target audience at low cost and quickly without having to rely on television or newspaper advertising driven by a detailed strategy.

In response to this new era, we are determined to challenge new domains by leveraging the knowhow we have built up in PR over the years and based on the idea of functioning as a “Fast Company” that helps spread the word by boosting people’s awareness of the outstanding products and services of our clients.

Our clients want to be able to deliver their products and services to a specific target market. To achieve this, we need to create an all-in-one business model with low-cost, speedy services that cover from the organization and processing of information to the distribution of this information to the target audience. That is what we refer to in our mission of becoming a “Fast Company” spreading the word


I believe that in the coming times you will have to be simple to succeed. To this end, we will aim to realize our goal of becoming a “Fast Company” and drive further growth through the utilization and simplification of the technology being developed.

We ask for you continued support as we forge ahead.

Keiji Nishie, Chairman and Representative Director