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Sustainability Promotion Organizational Structure

Sustainability Committee Overview/ Organizational Structure

Set up sustainability committee for the realization of a sustainable society


  • ・To improve synergy and efficiency between different departments and unify them under shared goals.
  • ・To strengthen corporate governance.


  • ・Formulate basic sustainability policy, develop operational structure, set up and deliberate targets.
  • ・Conduct research and information gathering, and report them during executive meetings and board meetings.


  • ・Appoint Saori Kiryu as chairperson for sustainability committee.
  • ・Organize memberships suitable for the responsibility of managing sustainable management.
Sustainability Committee Overview

Sustainability Committee

Organization Members
Chairperson Vector Inc. Executive vice-president and Platinum Inc. President
Saori Kiryu
Committee Members
  • ・Executives:Yosuke Goto
  • ・IR/ESG:Akira Kiga
  • ・Legal:Izumi Iso
  • ・Planning:Nanako Sugawara
  • ・External Director
  • ・Auditor
  • ・Sustainability Promotion Department
  • ・POC for ESG and SDGs:Shunsuke Kokubu
  • ・Diversity & Inclusion Group/POC:Yuko Nishie
  • ・Environmental Impact Group/POC:Yuko Hirabayashi