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Promotion of D&I

The VECTOR way of working

The VECTOR Group entrusts its employees with considerable responsibility and allows them to make their own decisions. It aspires to foster outstanding business people by encouraging employees to grow through creating an environment where each of them can fully demonstrate their potential.

Reduction in the movement of people through online work

Through utilizing telework and conducting business negotiations and meetings online due to the spread of COVID-19, we have drastically reduced the physical movement among our employees. This has enabled us to cut costs related to the movement and improve the efficiency of our business together with reducing our total CO2 emissions.

Communication of start and finish times for telework

Supporting women's flexible work styles

The VECTOR Group is striving to implement work-style reform for its female employees.
We have established a system where women are able to return to full-time work after having children. It provides the option to work from home and enables them to balance their work responsibilities with child rearing and their personal lives.

Main Systems of the VECTOR Group

  • Systems for flexible work arrangements
    ・Variable working hours
    ・Discretionary work
    ・Short-time system for permanent employees
    ーGranting of planned annual paid leaveー
    ・Summer leave
    ・Special leave
    ・Menstrual leave
    Telework guidelines
    Jury duty leave
  • Occupational Safety and Health
    ・Regular medical checkups
    ・Pre-employment medical checkups
    ーFamily care leaveー
    ・Child care leave system
    Maternity leave for before and after childbirth
    Leave for maternity healthcare
    Reduced working hours for child rearing
    Sick child care leave

    ・Nursing care leave system
    Reduced working hours for nursing care
    Nursing care leave
    Rules of employment for temporary employees
    Rules of employment for part-time employees
  • Congratulatory and condolence payments
    ・Special payments for marriage and childbirth
    ・Condolence payment (work and non-work related)
    ・Injury or illness payment / disaster support payment
    ーHarassment preventionー
    Power harassment
    Sexual harassment
    Harassment regarding pregnancy, childbirth, or child care leave
    Discrimination regarding nationality, race, ethnicity, social status, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc.
    Stress check
    Manual for overseas assignment
    Rules for overseas assignment