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Notice of Abolition of the Shareholder Benefit Program

As announced on April 14, 2022, after careful consideration regarding the return of profit to its shareholders, VECTOR, Inc. has resolved to abolish its Shareholder Benefit Program, replacing it with a policy that will enhance the direct return of profits through dividends.

The Company will cease to give new points following the distribution of benefit points to shareholders listed in the Company’s shareholder registry as of February 28, 2022, who hold three shareholding units (300 shares) or more. Note that points can be transferred once only (to the following fiscal year), and shareholders must be listed in the Company’s shareholder registry as of February 28, 2023, to be eligible to transfer their points.

How to use the Shareholder Benefit Program

Please refer to the “Guide to the Shareholder benefits” we send to shareholders (with at least 300 shares as of the end of February in any given year) every April (planned) for details of how to use the benefits.

For inquiries regarding shareholder benefits, please contact the following help desk.
Help Desk
 ・Tel. : 0120-302-716
 ・Business hours: Weekdays 9:00~17:00 (excluding weekends, bank holidays and new year holidays)
※After your call is connected, press [3] on your keypad to call an operator
※Our phone line may be crowded during the opening period of the website and the benefits delivery dates.
If you are experiencing trouble due to crowded line, please call us again after a few moments.

Purpose of Shareholder Benefit Program

Vector, Inc. introduced a shareholder benefit program for the purpose of showing its gratitude to all of its shareholders for their support and increasing the number of shareholders over the medium and long term by enhancing the appeal of investing in our shares.

Outline of the Shareholder Benefit Program

(1) Eligible shareholders

Shareholders who are listed in the shareholder registry as of the last day of February every year or own at least 300 of the Company’s registered shares shall be eligible.

(2) Details of program

As outlined below, eligible shareholders shall be given points (1 point is equivalent to 1 yen) for the number of shares held and the period held.
Shareholders can select a reward of their choice depending on the number of points they have from such items as food, electric appliances, travel and experiences, etc.

[Shareholder benefit points]
Number of shares held Number of points given
First fiscal year From second fiscal year*
300–499 3,000 points 3,300 points
400–499 4,000 points 4,400 points
500–599 5,000 points 5,500 points
600–699 6,000 points 6,600 points
700–799 7,000 points 7,700 points
800–899 8,000 points 8,800 points
900–999 9,000 points 9,900 points
1,000–1,999 10,000 points 11,000 points
2,000–2,999 25,000 points 27,500 points
3,000 or more 40,000 points 44,000 points

* “From second year” refers to the number of points given to shareholders who hold the Company’s shares for two consecutive years or more. As a condition, the shareholder must be registered under the same shareholder number on the shareholder registry as of the last day of February 28 each year.

(3) How to exchange points for rewards

Eligible shareholders shall be sent the “Guide to the Vector Premium Benefits Club” (planned for April each year). Follow the procedure outlined in the guide and register as a member of the exclusive shareholder website “Vector Premium Benefits Club” to exchange points for rewards.