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Lipton Fruits in Tea

Kicking off the black tea boom with the “Lipton Fruits in Tea” campaign by creating a new value of “young people going out for tea in the summer”
Black tea is often considered as the type of drink that is enjoyed by brewing at home during the colder months. To change this perception and create an opportunity for the younger generation to enjoy black tea in new ways and throughout the year, Lipton launched the “Lipton Fruits in Tea” campaign which mixes fruits with iced black tea, which we have been supporting since 2017.
The project helped create 274% growth in the cold brew black tea market over five years by developing new PR-conscious content every year and keeping information for both conventional media and on social media up to date at all times, with pop-up stores in Tokyo and Osaka welcoming more than 250,000 visitors to date.

We succeeded in opening up a new market for black tea among young people during the summertime, launching an unprecedented black tea craze across Japan. The campaign won an ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards Gold award in 2020.