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Strategic Communications to Raise the Profile of the World’s Largest Luxury Watch Marketplace Chrono24, in Japan
Chrono24 is a specialized marketplace for luxury watches with more than 500,000 users daily from 120 countries around the world. We joined them in identifying target demographics, then executing PR work and implementing tactics linked to that PR work to raise the brand’s profile in Japan.

By dividing the market into watch enthusiasts and watch novices, and then breaking the watch novice category down even further to develop reach to consumers in those, we managed to aim for synergy at each step by combining PR with linked PR support tactics.

Chrono24 wanted to be a home for watch lovers, by offering something of interest not only for enthusiasts but even for complete beginners. They also wanted to make sure people knew about their website’s “watch scanner” function that makes it possible to identify the model and the market price of a watch with just a photograph and their “watch collection” function that lets users track changes in the price of watches over time. They are always striving to be more than just a place to buy a watch, focusing instead on communicating the joy of watches.

By holding events that brought watch lovers together and then sharing images and information from those events on conventional and social media, we created social media reach of close to 300,000 and helped increase brand recognition.

We are continuing to create tie-ins for both conventional and social media to reach target demographics within Japan in concert with other tactics globally and combining those with other PR efforts, all with the goal of furthering developments in Japan.