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ESG Consulting

SDGs/ESG Consulting

The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approach has become a global trend, and all stakeholders are demanding that companies respond. Consumer awareness toward sustainable purchases is also growing, and there is an increasing number of companies responding to sustainability on a company-wide level.
We utilize our communication solutions as a PR company to provide consulting in terms of both internal sustainability measures and external information disclosure.

Recommended for the Following Types of Companies

Companies that want a third-party opinion on their ESG initiatives.

By using our ESG scoring service, you can gain a third-party analysis based on the status of your disclosures, comparisons with competitors, and global trends.

Companies that want to address sustainability but do not know where to start.

We provide side-by-side support for the basic sustainability response required of listed companies
Establishment of a sustainability promotion framework and formulation of your company’s material issues (materiality)

Companies that want to enhance their sustainability content, make disclosures, and spread their information.

We offer support for the preparation of content such as integrated reports and sustainability reports.
We also leverage our strength as a PR business operator, supporting your company from the disclosure stage to spreading information.

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