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Keyword Marketing Inc.

Keyword Marketing Inc.

Under its vision of creating “advertising that can change lives,” Keyword Marketing provides unique marketing analysis methods and programmatic advertising that boosts success rates through creative solutions.

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  • Management Agency for Programmatic Advertising
    Management Agency for Programmatic Advertising

    We deliver advertising solutions that combine systemization and personalization, thereby avoiding issues such as a lack of new suggestions or results dependent on individual agents.

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  • In-House Management Support and Training
    In-House Management Support and Training

    We support in-house management by providing expertise to ensure continuous results through programmatic advertising.

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  • Programmatic Advertising Consulting
    Programmatic Advertising Consulting

    With a consulting track record of over 1,000 companies, we offer support based on the extensive expertise we have developed since our founding.

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Company Overview

Head Office THE TERRACE TSUKIJI 2nd Floor, 7-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Tel (main) +81-3-6226-5880
Established July 12, 2004
Capital ¥11 million
Shareholders VECTOR INC.
Business Management agency for programmatic advertising, search engine marketing research, training solutions
Representative Hidenori Takii