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IR Robotics Inc.

IR Robotics Inc.

Guided by its vision to “be a business platform that can push growing companies even further,” IR Robotics operates an IR DX business offering IR support for listed companies, an education business that runs membership-based seminars for listed companies and companies preparing to be listed, and a CxO recruitment business specialized in services for the recruitment of high-level talent. IR Robotics contributes to the development of Japan’s economy through supporting growing companies nationwide.

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Our Services

  • IR news release video streaming service “IR TV”
    IR news release video streaming service “IR TV”

    IR TV is a short movie media service for investors for the latest noteworthy brands. Through IR TV, investors can rediscover the flip side to figures put out by companies that are hard to decipher with standard disclosure materials.

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  • Stock information media “Next ten-Bagger”
    Stock information media “Next ten-Bagger”

    Next ten-Bagger is an online media where editorial staff survey and analyze the growth potential of listed companies from unique perspectives and introduce stocks that they believe will increase tenfold in value.

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  • YouTube “Japan Stock Channel”
    YouTube “Japan Stock Channel”

    A Q&A-style stock information program where presidents of listed companies are interviewed to uncover facts about their companies, such as those relating to their business models, quantitative financial information, and the factors behind their growth.

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  • CMS for automatically updating and managing IR websites “IR Direct”
    CMS for automatically updating and managing IR websites “IR Direct”

    IR Direct is a CMS that automatically updates and manages websites, enabling listed companies to link their IR websites to TDnet and EDINET for secure operation. It also makes it possible to stream video content in a timely manner by linking to IR TV.

  • Membership-based community “Next IPO Club”
    Membership-based community “Next IPO Club”

    Next IPO Club is a membership-based community that holds monthly IPO seminars with presidents of listed companies invited as speakers. The seminars enable companies working earnestly toward IPOs to learn about the stages of preparation for an IPO from past examples.

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  • Recruitment service for high-level talent “CxO Jinzai Bank”
    Recruitment service for high-level talent “CxO Jinzai Bank”

    Specialized in listed companies and companies preparing for IPOs, CxO Jinzai Bank is a recruitment service that provides career change support focused on head roles across the different positions within a company, such as executive, management, and specialist staff positions.

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Company Overview

Head Office WeWork Nippon TV Yotsuya Building 6th Floor, 5-3-23 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
Tel +81-3-6772-8482
Established November 30, 2010
Capital ¥34,290,000
Shareholders VECTOR INC., MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., Kim Songju
Business IR DX business, Education-related business, CxO recruitment Business
Representative Kim Songju