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INITIAL was established as an independent comprehensive PR firm by spinning off business divisions from the Vector Group companies ANTIL and Platinum. INITIAL aims to create a speedy and flexible framework for PR in line with changes in the market to provide more effective PR services.

Our Services

  • General PR Consulting and Branding
    General PR Consulting and Branding

    Vector provides wide-ranging communications-related services driven by a quattro branding method in which we focus on four types of media, namely paid, earned, shared and owned media. We provide consulting on public relations (PR) and develop and distribute content. Contact us for anything concerning your PR needs in one of our specialty domains that include digital PR business, risk and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • Promotion and Event Production
    Promotion and Event Production

    We plan, produce and run from PR events with a focus on the quality and quantity of media exposure to promotions in which people can experience products and services first hand and that excite and move consumers.


At present, the role of PR and the area it covers are growing significantly due to changes in various market environments and the increasing amount of attention being paid to PR. As the volume of information being transmitted worldwide increases and distribution channels diversify, PR companies are strongly required to design and implement comprehensive strategies that straddle all communication domains.
Alongside these market changes, we aim to provide even better PR services by creating a framework enabling swift and agile action. To achieve this, INITIAL was established as a new comprehensive PR firm following the splitting off of business divisions from ANTIL and Platinum within the Vector Group, making it an independent organization.
Our goal is to be an organization that always provides optimal services as a partner of our client companies without being bound by existing frameworks.
We have the capability to deliver information and messages that resonate with people and society by broadly grasping global trends and to generate and bring shape to creative ideas that move people.
Through these efforts, we will make every effort company-wide to expand the possibilities of PR and contribute to the development of our client companies.

Yui Fujiwara, President

Company Overview

Head Office Akasaka Garden City 18th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Tel (min) +81-3-6685-6090
Established August 1, 2012
Capital ¥10 million
Shareholder Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business PR planning and operation, PR consulting and agency, branding activities, investor relations support, risk management, market research, event planning and operation
Representative Yui Fujiwara