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Public Affairs Division

Public Affairs Division

A New Form of Lobbying that Ensures Public Interest and Fairness

We support strategic communications in the public sector (government offices, local governments, etc.). A group of experts with extensive experience and knowledge enable the creation of businesses that resolve social issues by leveraging the assets of companies and organizations.

In recent years, regulations and other legal systems have become an obstacle when trying to develop new products and services.
Added to this has been a delay in responding to regulatory changes such as the introduction of new environmental standards, which has led to a sudden loss of market share.

When revisions to a system lead to advantages for company or industry, the environment allows for significant business growth. On the other hand, systems that aid only some companies and organizations are subject to severe criticism for their selective benefits.

Up until now, old-style lobbying activities in Japan were conducted mainly by petitioning the authorities to insert the intentions of company and industry into government and administration.
What is required now, however, is to position a company’s business as a tool to contribute to the resolution of social issues and make proposals to government and administration in a more open manner against the backdrop of support from experts and public opinion. This is known as “public affairs,” a new form of lobbying.

Vector’s Public Affairs Division makes use of the assets of Japan’s No. 1 PR company to provide public affairs strategy planning and implementation as a service performed by a group of specialists such as government officials and members of the Diet office, and scholars.

Services Provided

  • Consulting on public policy related to our client’s business domains
  • Surveying of stakeholders related to policy and subsequent analysis
  • Surveying and analysis of policy review status and future trends
  • Policy recommendations to government in collaboration with academia
  • Raising public awareness and facilitating media communication to promote policy
  • Communication with politicians/administration to raise policy priorities
  • Support for the establishment and operation of industry groups
  • Building relationships with local public bodies

Book Introduction

Bible of Lobbying (PRESIDENT Inc.)

This book describes lobbying activities that are commonplace as part of business strategies at global companies. It references a new form of lobbying required for the modern age and provides an introduction to the necessity and effectiveness of public affairs in an easy-to-understand manner, including many case studies.

Media Publications

An introduction to Vector formed part of a special feature in Nikkei Business titled “Conquering the world with lobbying” (translated from the Japanese) (January 29, 2018 edition).

A comment from a Vector consultant was included in a special feature in “The Journal,” a publication in the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), titled “DIGITAL DIALOGUE – Bridging the AI gap between business and policy.” (July 2018 edition)

Public Affairs Seminar

We hold public affairs seminars, inviting active national civil servants, parliamentarians, experts and top businessmen to discuss the latest policy trends and the possibility of launching new businesses, and so on.
For inquiries about the next planned seminar and people who wish to participate, please send a message to publicaffairs@vectorinc.co.jp.

Company Overview

Head Office Akasaka Garden City 17th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Tel (main) +81-3-6825-3015
Established December 2011
Business Strategy planning and implementation related to public affairs, and research, analysis and consulting related to public policy, etc.