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ASHITA-TEAM provides performance evaluation services to companies in different industries, seeking to increase employee motivation and create the optimal team for the future. This helps employees work toward their goals and the company president to embrace all of his or her employees. ASHITA-TEAM aims to build a framework tailored to each company in which more and more employees look upon work as fun and can earn income under their own steam.

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Our Services

  • Zettai! Hyoka ®
    Zettai! Hyoka ®

    Establishment of an employee evaluation system is critical when a company first starts out. ASHITA-TEAM maintains responsibility for operating such a cloud-based system so the client company hardly has to worry about it at all.

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  • Competency Cloud®
    Competency Cloud®

    Competency Cloud® is a personnel evaluation cloud packed full of knowhow related to human resource assessments accumulated through one-stop service provided by ASHITA-TEAM over a 10-year period supporting the creation and operation of employee evaluation systems.

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  • Salary-related Consultants
    Salary-related Consultants

    We foster salary-related consultants who can help drive work style reform, an area where needs are growing rapidly in society.

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Company Overview

Head Office GINZA SIX 11th Floor, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Representative Hiroyuki Akahane
Business “Zettai! Hyoka®” compensation-based human resource development program
Personnel evaluation cloud “Competency Cloud®”