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Kansai Branch

Kansai Branch

The Kansai Branch engages in PR services for companies and organizations from the Chubu region to western Japan with an emphasis on the Kansai region. It proposes a comprehensive communication menu from PR-angle-infused creative production, digital solutions, to sales enhancement.

Our Services

  • PR Communication Based on Area Characteristics
    PR Communication Based on Area Characteristics

    The Kansai Branch provides one-stop services that cover planning and operation of strategic PR plans tailored to the environment in West Japan. Feel free to consult us regarding your digital, risk management, CSR, and other PR related concerns.

  • Promotion & Event Production
    Promotion & Event Production

    From PR event with a focus on the quality and quantity of media exposure to promotions that touch and excite consumers through first hand experience, we provide integrated PR services that covers everything from planning, production, to implementation.


Today, the development of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been drastically changing our everyday lives as well as business.

Due to this “digital transformation”, the world is heading to a direction where consumers are more accessible to information that they seek for.

On the other hand, within this large amount of information, as a fact it has become more difficult for one to encounter new services and things that might meet their interest.

Therefore, I believe that we are responsible to provide opportunities for consumers to connect with wonderful goods and services that are buried in the clutter of information.

We are here to stand in between our clients and the consumers to create new encounters.

Also to become the one an only marketing partner for our clients, we will aim to solve various issues and enrich people’s lives throughout our activities.

Toshinari Katsura, President

Company Overview

Office Location 10F, Nakanoshima Intes, 6-2-40 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005, Japan
Tel (main) +81-6-6225-7781
Established March 1, 2018
Shareholder Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business Our Kansai Branch offers PR planning and execution services for product, corporate, and local area's branding strategy. Our services include PR agency & consulting, branding, IR communication, risk management, marketing research, event planning/production, etc.
Representative Toshinari Katsura