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IR Robotics provides investor relations (IR) consulting services offering precise solutions garnered from meticulous corporate analysis. The company also provides production and distribution services for corporate introduction videos for shareholders, individual investors and other stakeholders.

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Our Services

  • Commercial Production
    Commercial Production

    We plan and produce videos for commercials related to a company’s service or product. Our experienced team is not only highly creative but has the ability to create high-quality content that skillfully gets a message across. We can cast well-known personalities for a commercial. If help with planning is all you need, we’ve got that covered too.

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  • Video Package Production
    Video Package Production

    We plan and produce videos that introduce products and services, those for seminars, sales tools and other content that meets a diverse range of needs. Since we prepare a production menu for every budget, we can easily produce videos that fit the requirements of the customer.

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  • Program Production
    Program Production

    We plan and produce a variety of television and internet programs for key Tokyo-based broadcasting companies, including Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). Our focus is on producing programs that move people and make the audience think. We also promote cross-media development connected with clients’ PR strategy.

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  • Masters of Official Filming and Shooting
    Masters of Official Filming and Shooting

    Masters of Official Filming and Shooting provides packages enabling official filming and shooting with expertise in such areas as PR events, press conferences and commercial production, all at low cost, in high speed and with high quality. Our services cover the entire spectrum from shooting to editing and delivery to mass media.

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Company Overview

Head Office LELA NOGIZAKA 6th Floor, 1-15-8 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-006, Japan
Representative Tsuyoshi Tajima
Business Planning, production and sale of television programming, corporate PR and various video content
Consulting services on planning, shooting, editing and video production
Website planning, production and management
PR agency for ads and consulting services
Planning, production and agency work related to advertising