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INFLUENCER BANK is a communication company centered on influencers. It provides various platforms for clients and influencers, delivering a marketing service that utilizes social media and other online avenues.

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Our Services

  • pino live
    pino live

    "pino live" is an live streamer production that aims to provide support for fan community building and to foster fan-streamer relationship that could optimize each streamer's full potential. We are currently providing support to around 450 influencers and talents (as of November 2020), nurturing them from inexperienced to professional streamers. In addition to live streaming, we are also expanding our business to live commerce, broadcast, PR, and D2C.

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  • Influencer Works
    Influencer Works

    Influencer Works is a platform that matches companies that want to promote their products, stores, and services with influencers on various social media. The platform provides a range of ways for companies and influencers to connect and is easy to use, with different cost and payment models such as monthly subscriptions and post-payment incentives.

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  • In-house Live Commerce Tool "Live Commerce Dekiru-Kun"
    In-house Live Commerce Tool "Live Commerce Dekiru-Kun"

    Live Commerce Dekiru-Kun is a tool that enables client companies to easily incorporate live commerce on their e-commerce websites. Content can be streamed simultaneously on different social media platforms, and the tool can also be applied to the challenge of attracting potential customers. Leveraging the VECTOR Group's expertise across areas including scripting and casting, it delivers total support for live commerce.

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  • NFT Marketing Total Support Service
    NFT Marketing Total Support Service

    This service systematizes methods for utilizing NFTs to improve engagement with fans, offering full support that covers from planning to execution to enable even those who are unsure where to start to effectively promote NFT marketing for their company.

Company Overview

Head Office Akasaka Garden City 15th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel (main) 03-5572-7369
Established  December 1, 2020
Capital ¥44,450,000 Capital (incl. capital reserves of ¥22,225,000)
Shareholder VECTOR INC., Sun* Inc., etc.
Business PR planning and operation, PR consulting and agency, branding activities, investor relations support, risk management, market research, event planning and operation
Representative Jun Akiho