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No. of investees and IPO record

We back the growth of companies through investment and PR/IR. We support 100 outstanding start-up companies aiming to be listed on the stock market. 30 companies including our subsidiaries have already achieved IPOs.

  • No. of investees
    219 (As of the end of May 2023)
  • IPO record
    30 (As of the end of June 2023)

IPO record

W TOKYO Inc.【9159】

W TOKYO is a content production company that provides the freshest, highest quality solutions by combining its own original content and solutions on “girls” with extensive expertise gained from its Tokyo Girls Collection.

Listed in June 2023

SYLA Technologies Co., Ltd.【SYT】

SYLA Technologies sells and leases investment condominiums and invests in real estate-related ventures. It also operates a real estate crowdfunding platform, Rimawari-kun.

Listed in March 2023

PROGRIT Inc.【9560】

PROGRIT Inc. provides PROGRIT, a coaching-type English conversation language service that aims to dramatically improve English skills in short, intensive bursts.

Listed in September 2022

SecondXight Analytica, Inc.【5028】

Based on the management philosophy of “New value through data,” SecondXight Analytica provides an analytics consulting service that leverages AI such as machine learning and deep learning.

Listed in April 2022

Mental Health Technologies Co., Ltd.【9218】

Under its management philosophy of “Redesigning Happiness,” Mental Health Technologies provides and manages “Medical Industry Cloud,” a corporate mental health solution.

Listed in March 2022

Last One Mile Co., Ltd.【9252】

Last One Mile is a sales and services hybrid provider that develops business in the "last one mile," connecting customers and companies through the power of real communication. The company offers the Marutto series of lifestyle infrastructure services.

Listed in November 2021

Liveron Inc.【9245】

Through its different platforms geared toward living, Livero is a new lifestyle consulting company that provides a range of services from finding a place to live and moving home, to setting up utilities such as electricity and gas, and cloud-based rental agreements.

Listed in September 2021


Based on the vision of "more smile in the world by leveraging cloud service connecting cash," ROBOT PAYMENT provides an online payment service and a cloud-based service known as the “billing management robot” that manages and automates the sending and collecting of bills for companies.

Listed in September 2021

BCC Co., Ltd.【7376】

Utilizing their "senior" platform and capitalizing on their network with IT companies to create digital transformation (DX) in the healthcare industry, BCC provides an IT sales outsourcing business and healthcare business.

Listed in July 2021

Waqoo, Inc.【4937】

Waqoo offers a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business based on its mission of “with the power of technologies, we create hope for our own countries’ future.” The company plans and develops original brands using digital marketing, and sells them on their own e-commerce website.

Listed in June 2021

Inbound Tech Inc.【7031】

Centered on its multilingual CRM business and sales outsourcing business, Inbound Tech develops flexible business solutions not bound by the normal, rigid constraints of service provision.

Listed in December 2020

Koukandekirukun, Inc.【7695】

Products such as water heaters, gas stoves, and toilets are sold and exchanged via the company’s online store.

Listed in December 2020

Headwaters Co., Ltd.【4011】

In addition to its robot apps using artificial intelligence (AI), Headwaters provides an AI-based solutions business in such areas as smartphone apps, work systems, and big data analysis.

Listed in September 2020

Branding Engineer Co., Ltd.【7352】

Under the management vision of "Breaking Common Sense," Branding Engineer operates a business specializing in IT engineers based on the theme of "Technology x Human Resources."

Listed in July 2020

Cyber Security Cloud, Inc.【4493】

Based on the philosophy to create a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely, Cyber Security Cloud offers "Kogekishadan-kun," a cloud-based web application firewall that visualizes and blocks cyberattacks, and a consulting business for measures against cyberattack.

Listed in March 2020

BuySell Technologies Co., Ltd.【7685】

BuySell Technologies provides a comprehensive reuse service that consistently carries out everything from a nationwide at-home pick up service to a variety of sales businesses including e-commerce and sales at special events.

Listed in December 2019

WILLs Inc.【4482】

WILLs is an investor relations support company that connects investors with listed companies. The company provides a marketing platform for institutional and individual investors in Japan and overseas to a total of 600 listed companies in Japan.

Listed in December 2019

AI CROSS Inc.【4476】

AI CROSS provides a text messaging service for businesses, an HR management service, and an AI-based analytics service to make corporate operations and the lives of working people smarter with technology.

Listed in October 2019

infoNet inc.【4444】

Based on the fully in-house construction of websites utilizing web design, CMS, and AI, as well as the use of technology in AI-related APIs, infoNet provides development, installation, and operational support for web marketing support systems.

Listed in June 2019

Branding Technology Inc.【7067】

Branding Technology provides branding, digital marketing, and offshore-related business services through media and content production for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Listed in June 2019


Through MINKABU, one of the largest asset formation information sites in Japan, and Kabutan, an information site specializing in stocks, MINKABU THE INFONOID provides investment information on various financial products such as stocks, crypto assets (cryptocurrency), and foreign exchange.

Listed in March 2019

SHIKIGAKU. Co., Ltd.【7049】

Management and organizational consulting using the company’s unique theory known as shikigaku,which is based on the way people perceive events and take action (consciousness structure), training for employees, development and provision of online services based on shikigaku, and the publication of books related to shikigaku.

Listed in February 2019

PIALA INC.【7044】

PIALA provides an online service for DX in the fields of healthcare, beauty, and food, optimizing everything through an all-in-one service from branding to improving a company’s loan-to-value ratio. PIALA also offers all kinds of services to speed up DX in the entertainment industry with, for example, e-commerce websites and live streaming.

Listed in December 2018

Global Link Management Inc.【3486】

Global Link Management is a real estate solutions company that plans, develops, sells, and manages condominiums for investment purposes including those of its own brand.

Listed in December 2017

Ikka Dining Project., Ltd.【9266】

Ikka Dining Project carries out dining and bridal businesses with the group mission to be "the best hospitality group in Japan involved with the happiness of everyone".

Listed in December 2017


SHARINGTECHNOLOGY provides a service that matches users experiencing household problems with specialist companies (affiliated stores) who are able to get the job done.

Listed in August 2017

ReNet Japan Group, inc.【3556】

ReNet Japan Group operates an online reuse business, a small home appliance recycling business, as well as a microfinance and a technical intern dispatch business in Cambodia.

Listed in December 2016

Phil Company, Inc.【3267】

Using vacant spaces in parking lots and other areas, Phil Company plans, designs, and constructs Phil Park, buildings built over parking lots with parking on the first floor and stores or office space on the floors above.

Listed in November 2016

AirTrip Corp.【6191】

With its One Asia vision and the power of IT, AirTrip is developing its AirTrip travel business, an offshore IT development business, an inbound (Japan) travel agency, a Wi-Fi rental business, a media business, an investment business, and a healthcare business.

Listed in March 2016

Venture Exits

Allm Inc.

Renoveru Co., Ltd.

Grand Design Co., Ltd.

Gengo, Inc.

Orario Inc.

Phone Appli Inc.

Laxus Technologies Co., Ltd.

Infratop Inc.

plus medi corp.

Nagisa, Inc.

CHIKYUJIN.jp Co., Ltd.

Investment Performance

Bears Co., Ltd.

Bears provides housekeeping agency services, house cleaning, kids and babysitting services, and elderly support services in major cities nationwide.

bitFlyer Holdings, Inc.

With its mission to make the world an easier place with blockchain, bitFlyer runs a global crypto assets brokerage.

HR Cloud Inc.

HR Cloud manages the recruitment management system “One-stop Recruitment-Kun" and the new graduate introduction service “Jobspring.”

Upsell-Technologies Inc.

Upsell-Technologies provides call center agency services for outbound and inbound sales.

Fuller, Inc.

Fuller provides support in all things digital such as apps and websites. The company’s digital partner business is a clear departure from conventional outsourced development, whereby a single team works on everything from strategy building to product development and growth for new and existing businesses.


ROXX offers Agent Bank, a recruitment platform that connects recruiting companies and recruitment agencies, and Back Check, a monthly subscription reference check service.

Manpuku Holdings Co., Ltd.

Guided by its mission to “delight Japan with delicious food,” Manpuku Holdings provides a business-succession platform specialized for the food industry.


SPECIFIC manages services for people with disabilities including the recruitment site “Shogaisha Koyo Bank” and the satellite office service “Eraviva Satellite Office.”

Basic Inc.

Basic Inc. offers Ferret One, the all-in-one B2B marketing tool, Formrun, a management tool for creating forms, and Ferret, an online marketing media service.

AdInte Co., Ltd.

AdInte provides a retail media data management platform and OMO (online merged with offline) marketing utilizing its proprietary IoT terminal AIBeacon.

FANTAS technology, Inc.

Combining real estate with technology, FANTAS technology operates a range of businesses on its FANTAS platform.


DoubleL runs a global supply chain for home-grown Japanese intellectual property rights.

Algorithm Inc.

Algorithm Inc. operates various lifestyle-related media services jointly and in-house. The company also supports companies with their DX in the healthcare field, an area quickly shifting online.


OMEGA analyzes big data obtained from keyboard apps using artificial intelligence (AI). The company has developed and provides the world's first ad technology that can deliver the kind of ads individual users want, when they want them.

Metro Engines Co., Ltd.

Metro Engines provides a wide ranging dynamic pricing business utilizing AI technology (machine learning and deep learning) from real-time big data.

Zehitomo Inc.

Zehitomo operates a platform that connects people looking for various professionals such as photographers, yoga instructors, builders and other tradespeople.

Smile and Tooth Co., Ltd.

Smile and Tooth makes low cost dentures and provides them through affiliated dental clinics.

Willgate, Inc.

Willgate runs an all-in-one consulting business that solves the issues of strategy, execution, and analysis in marketing and data management, as well as a media business in collaboration with publishers.

Peace Tec Lab, Inc.

Peace Tec Lab provides services that allow home appliances and travel items to be borrowed and lent both between individuals and between individuals and companies.

Another works, Inc.

Another works, Inc. has developed the Fukugyo Cloud, a SaaS-type multi-job matching platform with free success fee that connects companies with people who want to do more than one job.


CLAS Inc. provides the CLAS subscription service for furniture and home appliances.


HATCH WORK operates the monthly subscription parking lot innovation businesses of At Parking Cloud, At Parking, and Parking Lot Reengineering, as well as the building innovation businesses of At Business Center and Share Meeting Room.

TimeTree, Inc.

TimeTree, Inc. operates the TimeTree schedule sharing app created on the basis of sharing and communication.

Leading Mark, Inc.

Leading Mark operates NEXVEL, a service for students hoping to become business professionals, and also develops and provides the aptitude test cloud, Mikiwame.


With the aim of promoting integrative medicine and extending healthy life expectancy, iCure Technologies core business is in the opening and running of acupuncture, moxibustion and orthopedic clinics.

Uhuru Corporation

Uhuru supports and promotes for DX and data utilization for companies and society. As well as implementing and operating cloud services, Uhuru provides an all-in-one service from edge to cloud, together with its own products and solutions.

Izumi Group

The Izumi Group has six businesses: seafood wholesale, livestock wholesale, agricultural wholesale, logistics, financial settlement, and platform.

Hachimenroppi, Inc.

In addition to the central wholesale market, Hachimenroppi operates a distribution platform characterized by its unique procurement routes from local markets and producers nationwide.

Cinnamon Inc.

Cinnamon develops and provides products related to AI utilizing machine learning and deep learning, most notably with its FLAX SCANNER.

Subscription Factory Co., Ltd.

Subscription Factory has developed and provides KaiU, a tool for improving conversion rates from web advertising.


OTOBANK provides an audiobook service for books and other media.

Secual, inc.

Secual develops and provides devices and apps for smart homes.