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Tryhatch develops and provides SaaS tools tailored to stores and offers support for digital and social media marketing using the big data accumulated in its SaaS business.

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Our Services

  • MEO Cheki
    MEO Cheki

    MEO Cheki is a search analysis tool for Google and Google Maps. Using a patented technology, it offers features including daily rank measurement and analysis of factors for top rankings.

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  • MEO Cheki for Multiple Stores
    MEO Cheki for Multiple Stores

    This all-in-one platform serves as a business profile management and analysis tool for multiple stores, providing a range of functions from centralized data management and editing, to tampering prevention and MEO analysis.

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  • MEO Cheki HP
    MEO Cheki HP

    MEO Cheki HP is a CMS that enables users to easily build store web pages in subdomains. Data can be linked with MEO Cheki, allowing store data to be centrally managed.

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    MEO HATCH is a Local Search Optimization Service that manages measures for obtaining top ranks in Google and Google Maps searches.

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  • Insta Cheki
    Insta Cheki

    Insta Cheki is an Instagram analysis and operation tool that offers features ranging from quantitative analysis to operational efficiency improvement.

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  • Inbound MEO
    Inbound MEO

    Inbound MEO is a service that optimizes and manages Google Business Profiles for entities targeting visitors to Japan.
    It optimizes Google Business Profiles to make them easily discoverable for users in overseas searches and for foreigners visiting Japan.

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  • MEO Cheki for Review
    MEO Cheki for Review

    MEO Cheki for Review is a tool that enables businesses to acquire, manage, and analyze reviews, particularly focusing on those on Google Maps. This is an SaaS that helps to improve stores by leveraging reviews.

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Company Overview

Head Office Kintetsu Shinjuku Gyoen Building 7th Floor, 1-8-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Tel (main) +81-3-5327-8871
Established January 5, 2018
Capital ¥50 million
Shareholder VECTOR INC., Takayuki Mutou, Satoshi Fujii
Business Digital marketing, local tech, and platform businesses
Representative Takayuki Mutou